The Legend of Toontown


Chapter 34


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	The pain was excruciating. Evina immediately ceased his breathing and everything went numb. The neon-green glow faded away to black. There was no thought, feeling, or emotion. There was no real or unreal. Evina didn't physically exist anymore. He had no body and he was nowhere. He even had no thought or feeling. He just seemed to float alone in a world of empty nothingness. He could not be happy or sad. He could not hurt of feel comfortable. He could not be one place or another. And there was no time. He was nowhere forever.
	Then all of a sudden he came back to his senses. He still had his mind. He was starting to feel the sadness and the worry. He could feel his body tingling. He wasn't really gone. In fact, he hadn't melted at all. Was this all just another stupid dream? How could that even be true?
	It wasn't quite as awful as he feared it would be because the pain only lasted for a brief moment. He felt strange inside like he was sick. It was like he was cold and dark. Maybe that was from being unconscious, but now he felt the need to breathe again. He moved his hands around the tub. There was a lid on the top and he pushed it off.
	Carefully he climbed out of his container feeling very weak and light-headed. He opened his eyes but could hardly see anything. The glowing green slime dripped slowly off his black suit. He sat down in a corner and breathed slowly until he felt a little better, although still a little funny. His vision became clearer and now he could see that there was a dim light bulb flickering above his head.
	He examined his surroundings and noticed he was standing in a dusty old storage room filled with dozens of boxes and crates. The tubs were lined up in a corner of the room.
	Then Evina began to wonder what was really in their tubs if it wasn't dip. It must've just been plain water with a glowing solution added to it. He laughed to himself. He was so happy to be alive. All the adrenaline of the fear turned to glee. He had no idea how it had happened, but something miraculous had occurred. The cogs made a big mistake. So this was going to be something that the toons could laugh about for a very long time.
	Evina walked up to another dip tub and removed the lid. But surprisingly, there was nothing inside except the thick green liquid with some small items on the bottom. He put his hand inside and felt around, but there clearly wasn't anything in there except that object which he took out. It was a black suit and some gloves.
	"They must've escaped..." he whispered, trying to keep from worrying. A thought occurred to him but he instantly ignored it, even though he couldn't explain why the toons would go without saving him, or without taking their suits.
	And after taking off the lids from several other tubs, he found that they were also empty except for the suits and gloves. I wonder where they went without me. He wondered. The thought in the back of his mind kept trying to come back but he refused to allow it. The dark emptiness inside him grew. He had never felt a sickness like this before.
	Next, he walked over to the door of the storage room and tried to open it. But it was locked up tight. His breathing increased as he ran back to the glowing tubs, feeling completely perplexed. "Where did they go if the door was locked?" He whispered, trying to make sense of it all.
	There was only one tub that still had the lid on. Evina was certain that this was the one Catman had been dropped into. He went over to it as fast as he could and ripped the lid off.
	It was just like the others but with something else. A robotic skelecog arm was lying on the bottom. There was nothing more. Evina reached his hand inside and pulled it out. There was no doubt it was Catman's robotic arm and the rest of him was gone.
	The fear returned and now he knew that this nightmare was no nightmare. It was true. His mind was racing. He couldn't react. He began screaming inside himself. The other toons were all dipped! They're gone! They melted! They died, but I am still alive! Is this supposed to be my punishment? Am I to remain here forever to be tortured for what I have done? I know I shouldn't have brought them here to Cog Nation, but why wasn't I melted? It's just a simple thing to ask for! Why can't someone just finally die? The dip hurt me before so why can't it hurt me now? Why do I feel so dark inside?
	He dropped the robot arm and it clanked on the dusty floor. This couldn't be real. He knew this wasn't a dream, but it was just too cruel to be true. The realization of this horror began to overcome him and tears welled up in his eyes again. He hated the cogs now more than ever before. He hated the president. There was no other explanation. The toons were actually dipped. He was completely alone. He had lost everyone he loved, and now he would never see another toon's face forever.
	Evina was so angry that his entire body tightened. He felt ready to explode. Ever since he had been in Cog Nation his anger had grown stronger, but this was different. This was a strange kind of darkness that was growing and spreading like a disease to fill him. It was using the anger as a catalyst to change him. Rage completely filled his body, a type of burning that he had never felt before. It overcame all of his sensations. And then when he thought he couldn't take it anymore, he literally felt something click. It finished and stopped. Something had permanently changed inside him. He felt like another species. He was a whole new being. He felt cold and unnatural and empty. His eyes opened and he could see things so detailed. He knew he was a monster. Everything he had been before was gone. Now he only thirsted for vengeance. He was determined to destroy the president. There was no more pain and no more fear. He didn't care whether he lived or died because there was nothing more he could lose.
	Unfortunately, all the gags in his gag bag were useless against the monstrous robot, and he had eaten every throw gag except for one birthday cake. He stood up and kicked the door several times. To his surprise, he broke off the doorknob successfully. Maybe I am somehow stronger now. He thought.
	With this new feeling of complete invincibility, he crept out into a hallway. He looked carefully for a familiar landmark, anything to remind him where he was, but finally he admitted to himself he was lost.
	There were broken pieces of cogs and goons scattered around on the hallway floors. It was evidence that Goopy's work had been a success. But he couldn't afford to think about the lost toons now because he needed to destroy the president first, and the robot was nowhere to be found.
	Evina sprinted down the hallway easily. His movement felt so smooth and effortless. He was becoming aware of his new enhanced senses. He could smell the oily chemicals in the air. He could feel the vibrations in the floors and the walls. They were clues to him. He was not far from the president's chamber.
	Then at that moment he spotted an air vent ahead. He ran over to it, and with a creaking noise, he broke the grate open and climbed inside.
	On his elbows he crawled forward. It was very dark and dusty in the vent, and in some places it was also slippery. It was dark so he couldn't see anything, and was unable to stop himself from sliding. He had no more control where he was going down the slope. He slid faster and faster and around sharp corners. He did not know where it would take him but there was no amount of fear inside him. Finally he hit another vent cover that lead into another room. There was a booming voice outside.
	"Are you sure it's ready?" the president asked. Evina looked through the grate and saw the two weasels standing by the full rocket.
	"I guarantee this thing is flawless. It's all ready for launch." The boss weasel confirmed.
	"You better be right!" The robot shouted. "If anything goes wrong..."
	"I swear on my life." The boss weasel interrupted with a sickening grin.
	"Thank you." The president said dully as he went over to the main computer, "You have been very useful these past few weeks."
	"But... what about our pay?" The large weasel asked.
	The president turned around with an evil smirk. "Oh... you want your pay?" There was flash of intense red laser light. Evina could feel the radiant heat of the flames and when they cleared away there was nothing left but a couple black spots.
	The robot was about to turn back to the computer when a small metal panel on his leg fell open. "What? I thought I had this thing fixed years ago." He said to himself. He closed it and turned his attention back to the controls. "Computer, initiate the launch sequence."
	"Launch sequence engaged." The computer announced.
	"No!" Evina shouted, bursting out of the air vent. 
	The president spun around and glared down at him. He was stunned. "This isn't possible! How could you survive the dip?" But after a moment his anger faded away. "Oh, it doesn't really matter anymore, because you're already too late. Toontown will be destroyed in the blink of an eye!"
	Little lights on the rocket flashed and smoke began to pour out from the bottom.
	"I can't allow you to do that." Evina replied calmly. He darted forward at full speed.
	The president looked amused. "What... you actually think you can stop me?" he said.
	Evina grinned. "I used to doubt it too. But now I finally understand that nothing is impossible."
	"Well, forget it!" The robot bellowed ferociously. "This is my world now!" A line of laser beam shot from his eyes and it nearly hit Evina. "It's over! Surrender now or suffer my wrath!" He fired more of his laser.
	Evina felt as light as a feather and as fast as lightning. The bright flames rose from the trail of laser chasing him from behind. He dodged every attack very easily, feeling the exhilaration of the chase and acutely aware of every tiny movement the robot made. His anger was much stronger than any fear.
	"You can't run forever!" the monster thundered, not aware that the panel on its leg had fallen open again.
	It was a slim chance but Evina knew exactly what he was meant to do, and it was the only chance he would ever have. He pulled out his last birthday cake, his last hope, and made his aim carefully. "This is for Harry!" He shouted, "THIS IS FOR TOONTOWN!" With his new senses he hurled the birthday cake forward with high speed and perfect accuracy. It spun magnificently though the air and splattered into the exposed wires inside the president's leg. A large red and a blue wire broke apart and sparks flew everywhere.
	"You need to conquer some other planet, not ours." Evina finished. "But I think you need to retire until then."
	The president opened his mouth slowly, beginning to malfunction and emitting more sparks and metallic noises. "I don't know how you did it! You have defeated us! But don't celebrate just yet because we will return! I will come back to rule the world that I deserve more than you! Now... my master approaches!"
	There was a terrible earsplitting noise of metal ripping. The floor trembled and the dip rocket exploded. The glass shattered and glowing fluid flew in every direction. There was a blinding flash and a shockwave. Huge clouds of flames erupted from the robot and everything fell apart. Evina was suddenly gone. He remembered no more.

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